Our Tools

The Solar Analyst module in ArcGIS can be used to calculate Watt-Hours/square meter at the surface. Inputs to this process are a digital elevation model (DEM), the latitude of the scene centre, and the date and time that you wish to accumulate insolation. You can specify a portion of a day, or a range of days such as a week or month.

The Solar Analyst module models the elliptical orbit of the earth around the sun, the declination of the earth's axis, the earth's curvature, and the attenuation by the atmosphere on solar radiation levels.

Solar Analyst also analyses the topography using a Digital Elevation Model.  It is at larger scales (1:50,000 and larger) where the Solar Analyst Module can be of great value in documenting the high variability in time and in space of solar radiation due to the affects of local topography.

Our products complement small scale photovoltaic resource maps produced by Natural Resources Canada.  Ours maps are at a larger scale to support operational decision-making.